Overdraft disappointment in love

Maybe one day I will change, become no longer gentle, no longer love to laugh, no longer care about you, why is your overdrawn disappointment in love.When I can't advance the confidence of the love for you, when we went back to less than once upon a time.
Maybe one day, I would to you very cold, it's because you have used many times cold put me out of your world.You say you are very busy, so I will give you enough personal space, meet your dedication to work.I am not greedy, only hope that you can look back at me once in a while.But compared with your face, I am more familiar with your busy.Very strange, as strange as just a nodding acquaintance friend, simply have nothing to say, it is hard to even meet.
Maybe one day, I won't care about you, that's because you're already countless times turned a deaf ear to my concern.You said you know take care of yourself, so don't need me extra care and tiresome.However, I have seen time and time again you abuse your own health, through time and time again you put my concern as nonsense.You never cherish my concern, even never seriously ignored my concern.My not enough fresh, there is no way to indifferent to the indifference of you, still you.My concern is limited, you have already overdrawn, I cannot afford to give.
Maybe one day, I won't laugh at you, that's because you gave me a smile less and less.You said you have a lot of trouble, not happy, so I tried to make you laugh, make you happy.But, you can't see my efforts, but rather depressed into anger, and tell me she let a person afflictive.When I can't remember the last time you smile to me is what time, my heart is cold, can't smile to you any more.
When I was disappointed in you more and more time, I won't do you want to see a person, but to be the most authentic self.Since you love reason disregard to me, so I there would be no need to continue to be caring and attentive to you.I'd rather leave smile to yourself, to other people care about me, even a stranger, also don't want to waste a smile on your face.You are overdrawn my patience for you, for your feelings, but you still don't know, don't blame me for the last leave don't look back.I'm not strong, no ability and a man who often let me alone;I have no confidence in not optimistic, and so you go on;I'm not brave, no courage to continue to bear you to hurt.Love is things of two people, need two individual pay and business together.It now appears that this became my love a person, I am in charge of pay, you only responsible for the claim, let me lose.If one day I want to leave, that is, when I was completely disappointed with you.
When will you find that your busy and apathy overdraw my disappointment in love, know what I love is not a credit card without limit.When you completely overdraw my limited degree of disappointment, I won't patience, to become a stranger, you actually I was just in dealing with a stranger.And you out from my love, become a innocuous passers-by.But I still hope we can continue to go on, can you give me accompany, care, and smiles, for you've been missing, let our love is no longer a loss.